Turn 1 Lottery Ticket Into 1,000 Lottery Tickets

What is Looty Pool?

Looty Pool Is The App For Winning The Lottery, Join Other People From Across The Country In the Largest Online Office Pool For The MegaMillion and Powerball Pool.

Increasing Your Chances Of Winning The Lottery. Imagining Having Up To 1,000 Lottery Tickets, By Just Purchasing 1 Lottery Ticket!

Example, the MegaMillion Jackpot is $300 Million Dollars! There are 1,000 people in the MegaMillion pool. That means there are 1,000 lottery tickets. And all you did was just joined the pool, and now you have 1,000 MegaMillion lottery tickets!

  • Largest Online Office Pool Lottery
  • We All Share The Lottery Tickets
  • We Donate The Losing Tickets To Non-Profit Org

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Quick five-minute reads on all new games, features and more. Soon, you’ll be reading your own name as part of the new big Looty Pool Jackpot!

The Team Behind Looty Pool

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Joseph Salmond


Kevin Smith


Reena Scot

Lead Designer

Debra Taylor

Project Manager

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