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You can now Join Looty Pool Lottery Pools with Bitcoins! We are the largest and the first lottery pool to accept the digital currency. So join a lottery pool today!

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    Get Bitcoins

    There are several ways to get Bitcoins, but the easiest is to exchange them for currency at your bank or a Bitcoin exchange. You can also buy Bitcoins from friends, accept them as payment for goods or services, or generate new Bitcoins through a process called "mining."

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    Signup with Looty Pool

    You can now join any of one of our Lottery Pools using Bitcoins! As the first major pottery pool to accept Bitcoins, is expanding the possibilities of Bitcoin purchases by offering lottery pools to the Bitcoin community.

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    Join Lottery Pool

    If you are already a Bitcoin user and would like join a lottery pool, Great, just click which lottery pool you would like to join.

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